Wendy and the Machine
Tiger Lily and the Pirates
Tinker Bell

Act One

The Lost Boys of Neverland are restless because their leader Peter Pan doesn’t know the endings to any stories. 

Wendy Darling loves stories and knows lots of them.  She lives in London with her brothers John and Michael, her businesswoman mother Mary, her inventor father George, and their robotic dog Nana.  

Peter, accompanied by his jealous fairy Tinker Bell, visits the Darlings’ house one night and convinces Wendy to fly with her brothers to Neverland so she can share her stories with the Lost Boys.

Neverland is home to Tiger Lily, the leader of a tribe of sleepy animals, a gospel-singing Mermaid with her school of ocean creatures, and a band of vengeful pirates led by Captain Hook and Bosun Smee.  Conflict is everywhere.

Wendy is inspired to take charge and works out a way to bring the Lost Boys and the Animals together.  Peter hangs up his pipes which he has been using to bully the animals and there is harmony.

Act Two

With peace restored, and the Lost Boys now knowing all Wendy’s stories, she decides it’s time to return home, much to Peter’s disappointment.

Before she can leave, Captain Hook hatches another plan to defeat Peter Pan which results in the capture of all the island’s inhabitants.  

Tinker Bell is greivously injured in the fight but Wendy persuades the Mermaid to save her.  Tinker Bell realises the error of her ways and decides to join Wendy's team.

A rescue plan is set in motion, a battle ensues with Wendy leading the charge, and Captain Hook is eventually chased off by his nemesis, the ticking crocodile.  

As peace settles on Neverland, Wendy returns to London with her brothers, ready to make a difference in her own world.