Where a song name is underlined, you can click to view a video () or listen to the audio () of the National Youth Theatre Company production (2017, Aotea Centre, Auckland). More tracks to come!

Act One

Dream, Wish, Wonder - The Lost Boys
It Seems to Me - Mr Darling
Wings Unfurled - Wendy
Take the Weight Off Your Mind - Peter, Wendy, John, Michael
Single Handed - Hook and the Pirates
Tooth & Claw - Tiger Lily & the Animals
Wendy's Library - The Lost Boys
Deep - The Mermaid
One Single Step - Wendy, Tiger Lily, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Never Bird
Lost & Found - Ensemble

Act Two

Cinderella Song - Wendy & the Lost Boys
Danger in the Woods - Tiger Lily & the Animals
I Don't Want To Grow Up - Peter Pan
Sensible - Wendy
Clap if You Believe - The Mermaid
When You Love Somebody - Tinker Bell
Swash & Buckle - Smee & the Pirates
I Want to Be Loved - Captain Hook & the Pirates
The Battle - Orchestra
Splash! - Ensemble
Finale - Ensemble

Wendy and the animals